Rilum Foundation

For Sustainable Development

Who We Are

Rilum Foundation is a grassroots implementing agency. Our work fosters our existing relationships with the village Dorbar (council). Our history of working within various localities makes us their preferred partner. We do not subcontract out our projects. We do not use consultants. We are FCRA, 12A, and 80G registered.

We are based in Smit, in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya, and have ongoing projects in the East Khasi Hills, Ri Bhoi, and West Jaintia Hills Districts of the state. A majority of our past projects have been in the rural parts of East and West Khasi Hills, with a primary focus on the Mawkynrew and Mawryngkneng blocks.

What We Do

  • Institution building

  • Technology transfer

  • Skill upgradation

  • Financial linkage

  • Marketing

Since 2000, Rilum Foundation has focused on community development programs, particularly on forming Self Help Groups (SHGs) and building Community Based Organizations. The long-term association of staff with local people means the organization is aware of resources already available in villages across Meghalaya. Rilum can undertake community mobilization quickly due to its continuous long-view networking with specific villages.

Our staff is predominantly women from rural areas. They are educated, but have not lost their connection to their village communities. Their networks are broad. They are our biggest asset. Between projects, our staff maintains contact with their communities even during strains in financial resources. That enables us to continue working with the communities even after the last project ends, and to pick up where we left off when a new project begins. People from villages where Rilum has run past projects continue to drop in at Rilum Foundation for assistance while seeking government and bank aid.

Our rural agricultural entrepreneurship groups are in various stages of operation. We have had success in beekeeping, piggery and poultry in particular. We have facilitated Social Audit under MGNREGA, and have been recognised by the government for that work. We have fostered rural entrepreneurship through microfinance initiatives and through assistance with government subsidies and bank loans.

How We Operate

We demand courteous behaviour within village communities because the ties we have created took many years to build. Attention to small interactions produces a larger quality of service. The Chairman personally visits project villages to ensure smooth work and continuity of relationships. The Executive Secretary and the Finance Department make independent verifications of all activities and only sign off when the associated activity fulfills the goals set in the proposal. We try to find field workers who are committed to their communities, and look for involvement in their communities' activities in the past or in the present.

Many women have graduated from our Self-Help Groups to run their own rural businesses. We have trained generations of carpenters from surrounding areas and helped secure their employment. For 20 years, we have raised awareness regarding people with disabilities within villages. We have done countless small sanitation projects across Meghalaya.


  • To be a catalyst in promoting sustainable livelihood by diversifying livelihood opportunities in the state of Meghalaya.

  • To evolve over time as a leading agent in livelihood promotion in agriculture and allied activities


  • To provide the rural marginalised people with alternative livelihood options through focus on technology and by opening easy access to support services for agriculture and trades.

  • To promote sustainable development by facilitating the socio-economic development of rural communities and infrastructures in Meghalaya’s villages.


Rilum Foundation believes in a strong set of values that it expects all its employees to follow:

Integrity: to work with honesty and apply the same standards consistently with all beneficiaries

Dignity of Labour: to treat all the work with respect and maintain dignity of labour; to give each task our best

Respect: Rilum foundation expects its members to respect each other irrespective of gender and religious practices.

Reuse, Recycle Replenish: to promote the concept of “go green”; to be more responsible to the environment through our work.

Where We Are

The organization has a rented office in Smit with space for 15 persons, and has facilities conducive to working efficiently. The organization is in an excellent financial position, and has a proven track record of transparent accounting. We demand accuracy in data and finances because that is how we are able to get funding for future programmes.

Our Partners

Rilum Foundation has partnered with the following organizations for knowledge, projects, and technology. Join us!