Earnings Enhancement

Earnings enhancement through harnessing of

solar energy

in rural meghalaya

Businesses will soon have power back-up with their very own solar systems.

Mobile phone shops like these want to expand to have computer facilities and photoshop but power cuts are frequent.

Basic supply stores like these want to expand to having computer and photocopy facilities but power cuts make them hesitate.

Solar Powered solutions are possible

The addition of solar panels, an AC/DC converter and a battery is all it takes.


The computer services stores reported longer hours of operation once the machines were installed.

We are also helping small business access subsidies and financing.

Many tailors work from home and without assistants because they do not have the capital to expand their business, and buy machines.

An ideal level to be at

Most tailors require a second sewing machine, a cutting table, an iron, an interlocking machine, ten bolts of fabric and all the buttons and threads and spool they need.

what does it cost?

Rs. 30,000.00

We travel to villages.

We find tailors looking for help.

We help them apply for subsidies and loans.

We accompany them to offices.

We speak to bank managers.

We accompany them to the bank.

What did they invest in?

We'll soon know.